Springfield Jazz Fest

8th 2015


The Bing Arts Center

There will be an opening party for the jazz festival at the Bing Arts Center on Friday, August 8th at 8 pm. Jeremy Turgeon & Bonded will be performing.

The Bing Arts Center, located at 716 Sumner Avenue in Springfield’s Forest Park neighborhood, is a multi-use hub for community cultural activity. The former Bing Theater opened in 1950 and served several generations of area residents until 1999 when it was taken by the City of Springfield for non-payment of taxes. The “X” Main Street Corporation (XMSC), a non-profit, purchased the property from the City in 2004 to create a catalyst for economic development and improved quality of life.

The Bing Arts Center, developed as a project of XMSC, is the main focus of the organization’s efforts to revitalize the neighborhood. Strengthening the community by offering appealing, accessible, alternative arts programming is the goal. With phase one of the ambitious renovation project complete, the Bing is currently using the totally renovated front section of the building. In addition to the three-room art gallery, the former lobby serves as an intimate performance/screening space. Plans have been made for  phase two, renovating the theater space and reclaiming it to use for performances and screenings. Once the necessary funds are available, it will initially be configured for 300 to 350 seats. This will enable the Bing to dramatically expand programming and present regular film scheduling.

The Performance Project First Generation Tent at the Springfield Jazz & Roots Festival: Theater, Art, Dance, Poetry & Community of Many Ages & Languages

many voices, one movement

                             THE PERFORMANCE PROJECT

                                                                        arts and youth leadership


The Performance Project is an arts community of many ages and ancestries. We strive for personal and social liberation by engaging with young people in intensive artistic training, inter-generational mentoring, leadership development, and community building through the arts.

FIRST GENERATION brings together young adults ages 15-22 who identify as "first generation,” for intensive artistic training, leadership development, and inter-generational mentoring. Forming an artistic ensemble, we create multi-lingual performances based on our discoveries.

FIRST GENERATION members may be the first in their family to grow up in the United States, the first to speak English, to graduate high school, go to college, or many other firsts. Participants include youth recently arrived in this country and youth who are court-involved. Community elders participate in our creative process by sharing their intergenerational experiences and perspectives.

First Generation Youth Ensemble creates compelling, high-quality performances that engage the public in dialog about critical social and cultural issues. We support each other, build on our strengths, cultivate ambition, and become leaders who build enduring, intercultural networks. We celebrate our connection and our full humanity through the arts.

In FIRST GENERATION, we talk about the complexity of embracing individuality while honoring one’s family and community cultures. Our performances invite audiences to participate in public dialogue about generational issues, and about how racism, economic oppression, bigotry, media, and violence can sever us from our cultural origins.

The work of FIRST GENERATION is rooted in our belief that our cultural legacies and family histories are sources of strength as well as struggle, as we shape our own lives, our communities, and our futures.

The Performance Project/First Generation

5 Taylor St, Springfield, MA

Mailing: PO Box 5195

Springfield, MA 01101

ph) 413-374-4938

email) info@performanceproject.org


Music Workshops/master classes with featured artists at the Community Music School

Grace Kelly --12 pm

Charmaine Neville & band -- 2 pm

127 State St, Springfield, MA 01103
(413) 732-8428
The Community Music School of Springfield, founded in 1983, is a nonprofit arts education institution. CMSS is dedicated to inspiring people of all ages to begin or renew a lifelong journey into the joy of music and the arts, making this experience accessible and affordable to all people in our community. We offer instruction in classical, jazz, Latin, gospel and other popular music styles to individuals and families of diverse backgrounds and cultures, ages, abilities, talents, and financial needs. Our experienced international faculty of 65 music educators provide instruction to more than 1,400 students who attend weekly lessons, spanning more than 30 area communities.